1. Two independent reviewers are appointed to review every publication submitted.
  2. Submissions are evaluated by means of a double-blind reviewing process. (The author and the reviewer are anonymous to each other.)

III. The names of the reviewers of particular submissions are not disclosed. The journal publishes a list of reviewers once a year.

  1. The criteria by which submissions are evaluated, and consequently accepted or rejected, include the following:
  2. The value of the investigation to the field
  3. The originality of the contents
  4. The relevance to existing research in the area
  5. The coverage of theoretical background
  6. The relevance of sources cited
  7. The clarity of the argument
  8. The propriety of the research methodology
  9. The effectiveness of the presentation of data
  10. The prudence of the overall structure
  11. Stylistic appropriateness